Disability and Special needs Program

At Platinum Tennis we have created a disability and special needs program.

The program has been developed to cater for people with wide variety of disabilities from intellectual, physical and acquired disabilities. The program is also suited to those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The sessions are based on Fundamental Perceptual Motor Skills  where students will learn skills from the following four categories

  • Locomotion and Balance
  • Catching and Interception
  • Throwing and Striking
  • Kicking and Punting

The skills that will be enhanced from our FPMS Program are balance, coordination, reception, perception, hand eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, team building and improved confidence.

The program has flexibility and can be brought on site. This allows the students to be comfortable in their environment during the FPMS sessions. It also stops the need for transport to an outside venue.

To express your interest and for more information please contact us below.


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